Devlog 10 - 2022 and beyond!

Hey! It feels like it's been longer since I made the last devlog (why does December always feel deceptively long?).

A lot of this month was taking a little bit more me time. I'm still working my way back to being as productive as I was before and then with all the holiday stuff, sometimes I'm exhausted when I have the chance to finally sit and think about SSP. What doesn't help is the next area is visually different than all the snow and towers, so I have to basically work from scratch. Collect what I think will fit, edit it so it's cohesive, and then slowly start mapping again. I have something new I'm adding to the game here that wasn't in the original and I honestly can't wait to get back to the flavor text of this area because I want to fix it. The original was a little all over the place, but now that I know what this area was for I can better foreshadow and just do a better job (I mean, I knew what it was for but not like to the extent I know it now--SSP has two halves: the half I did before I thought of a sequel and what stuff meant and the other half which knows I have a sequel in mind and this was definitely in the before).

What I DID get done for this last devlog of 2021 is I finished balancing the Chimera boss and my testers have had full run of the place up until then which found a hilarious series of bugs with a sprite of banana bread. I still need to do the connecting cutscene, but I need to do an interior for that and I've just been so focused on exteriors. I'll give you a sneak peek because I'm happy with how this little patch turned out!

So cozy! The perfect spot for a picnic!

So, where does that leave me for going into 2022? I essentially have half the game done? We're on Chapter 5 out of 7 and to be honest, Chapter 5 is and will continue to be the biggest chapter in SSP because so much happens there. I have all the main battlers and bosses done courtesy of Low all that I need to do are monsters and maybe a mini-boss here and there. So, everything looks definitely doable. I still do not have a release date set for SSP because I know me and I know if I give myself a deadline, I'm full of bullshit.

I also know I am incredibly busy with a lot of projects and I can't afford to just ignore one in favor of full SSP. More than anything, I want to be a published author, so that is going to take precedence if the opportunity arises. It hasn't yet, but I figured I would put that out there. SSP is my baby and always will be. I am glad what I have made so far and I definitely think it's matching my vision so much more now than it ever did before. SSP's development, even back then, was always contentious, but I am glad right now that I have managed to do what I've done without too many problems! Improvement!

Anyway, I am rambling. 2022 promises more gamedev so onward we go!

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This is so exciting! I've loved SSP for years, and the definitive edition approaching 50% is sooo exciting! <3 Best of luck and energy to you!!!

Thank you!! I'm hoping to keep the energy going! :D

You mentioning content somewhat based off the sequel novels is interesting.  Having read them, I have several ideas about what it might be.  Looking forward to it!

Thanks again for your continued work, and I hope you had a joyous holiday season!

Haha, just don't get your hopes up TOO much. I just meant I endeavor to at least try to get some of the foreshadowing better in place, so definitely no cameos by characters that only exist in the sequel. It might not even amount to much, but we'll see!

And thank you! I hope you've had a joyous holiday as well and stay safe! :D