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In a kingdom covered in snow, there lives a prince who keeps watch over his people and endeavors to maintain peace. When the prince learns his family’s history isn’t as spotless as he’d been led to believe, he endeavors to fix what his family has done wrong and to ensure his legacy is one of peace. This will lead the prince to battling phantoms that prowl the snowy land, to saving a princess, and to realizing the secrets of his family and kingdom.

A story of magic, wonder, and dread, Star Stealing Prince is your typical RPG and has a distinct focus on exploring your surroundings thoroughly to unravel the truths of Sabine and Prince Snowe himself.

Star Stealing Prince – Definitive is a remake of Star Stealing Prince.

Made in RPG Maker MV, the game will be between 9-10 hours of game play and will provide new sprites, new art, new maps, and pretty much everything remade to the best of my ability.

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Star Stealing Prince - Definitive Wordpress

Linked above is the wordpress dedicated to the game and its systems. It will include boss strategy, puzzle answers, and the general how-to of the game. Please check it first before asking questions.

The demo in the downloads encompasses the Prologue and Chapter 1. It'll give you a taste of the exploration the game expects you to do and a preview of the battles. Because I am only working on this during the weekends, please do not expect a final release date for a while.

KNOWN ISSUES from the demo:

  • The portrait pieces may flicker (so, the eyebrows/mouth will take a second longer to appear or the mouth may start moving before it's all loaded in).
  • If you unequip Snowe's weapon, he will still have a rod shown on his battle sprite (but will deal damage like he is unarmed).
  • Depending on your computer specs, there may be a frame drop during a nightmare.
  • If you do not have the lantern when you open the chest in the north east part of the caves, Snowe's sprite will mistakenly show him having a lantern, even if he doesn't.


Star Stealing Prince Definitive - Demo v1.0.rar 213 MB

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