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In a kingdom covered in snow, there lives a prince who keeps watch over his people and endeavors to maintain peace. When the prince learns his family’s history isn’t as spotless as he’d been led to believe, he endeavors to fix what his family has done wrong and to ensure his legacy is one of peace. This will lead the prince to battling phantoms that prowl the snowy land, to saving a princess, and to realizing the secrets of his family and kingdom.

A story of magic, wonder, and dread, Star Stealing Prince is your typical RPG and has a distinct focus on exploring your surroundings thoroughly to unravel the truths of Sabine and Prince Snowe himself.

Star Stealing Prince – Definitive is a remake of Star Stealing Prince.

Made in RPG Maker MV, the game will be between 9-10 hours of game play and will provide new sprites, new art, new maps, and pretty much everything remade to the best of my ability.

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Star Stealing Prince - Definitive Wordpress

Linked above is the wordpress dedicated to the game and its systems. It will include boss strategy, puzzle answers, and the general how-to of the game. Please check it first before asking questions.

The demo in the downloads encompasses the Prologue and Chapter 1. It'll give you a taste of the exploration the game expects you to do and a preview of the battles. Because I am only working on this during the weekends, please do not expect a final release date for a while.

KNOWN ISSUES from the demo:

  • The portrait pieces may flicker (so, the eyebrows/mouth will take a second longer to appear or the mouth may start moving before it's all loaded in).
  • If you unequip Snowe's weapon, he will still have a rod shown on his battle sprite (but will deal damage like he is unarmed).
  • Depending on your computer specs, there may be a frame drop during a nightmare.
  • If you do not have the lantern when you open the chest in the north east part of the caves, Snowe's sprite will mistakenly show him having a lantern, even if he doesn't.


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God, considering I made this game my entire personality back in 2014 (and I have so many fond memories of the small fan community back in the day when EP was releasing) I am SO glad this beautiful game is getting an update!

I've downloaded the game and hearing the title music play is honestly really nostalgic for me. I'll let you know how it goes but from the screenshots I'm REALLY excited to see how much the game has been improved!


Just played this and it's very fun. can't wait for the full release

Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked it! 

Man, the original SSP and its sequel novels are very dear to me, i still look back on them fondly and replay/reread them once in a while. this is such a cool surprise!! I hope development goes well for you, I'll be cheering on the sidelines :D

Thank you so much!! I'm slowly trucking along and I hope the new version will be looked at as fondly as the original! :D

Hi! I just installeed and at start of new game I got "unable to find Audio/SE/SFX-01CT" thanks in advance!

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Seen as that is not a sound effect in the game and has never been, I'm not sure what to tell you. Did you mean to comment on the original SSP? The original has that kind of nomenclature.

If this is for the original SSP, that file is included in the correct folder and I am able to start both versions (with and without the RTP included) without a crash. Without anymore information, there's not much more I can tell you.

Thanks anyway.  I will uninstall and re-download perhaps the download missed something as that sometimes happens I heard.  

If it happens a second time, show me a screenshot of your process so we can try and pin down what's going wrong.

oops posted in wrong area was meant for SSP first game. Apologies.

That's what I figured, but it's totally okay! ^^


I played this forever ago(read the novels too) and just saw this.  Thanks for putting work into it again, looking forward to it!

Thank you!


I'm here from d757gaming's stream and I have to say that this was one of my favorite RPGs that I've watched him play! The mapping, tilesets, music used, choice of sprites, etc. all combined to make a great game! Even though I didn't play it, I was engaged. Very well done and I'm curious to see the story after that cliffhanger!

I recognize you! Thank you very much for watching and I am so glad you liked it! 

Yep, it's me! You're very welcome!!


will be going live with your game. come join us if u can!
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Thank you so much again for streaming! It was wonderful to hear your's and your watchers' thoughts as you went! 


twas my pleasure....great game and the over-all story is fantastic. Love the details that was put in this..Much success to this project


Oh God, the original Star Stealing prince was my favourite Rpg maker game ever,  it makes me so happy to see this  ^^

I'm glad! I hope the new version can live up to the original!

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Congrats on the re-release! ⭐️ 🤴 


I've played through the prologue and It's pretty cool. I like the art and the gameplay. The level design is also quite pretty too. I'm going to play it with my free time off-screen. Can't wait to see what happens in the story!


Wow, I never got around to playing the original, but now there's this? Oh man, it looks so beautiful.


I am in love with Snowe's battle sprite and the demon's scarecrow appearance in the dream sequence. Can't wait to see everyone else's sprites and avatars. I wish you the best of luck, and thank you for making this!


I'm gonna be honest, the scarecrow in the dream sequence was the hardest thing not to want to show off. I was so proud of how that all came together. Thank you so much for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed it!!


It deserves to be shown off! I was really excited for the demon's avatar in the dialogue box then but then the scarecrow appeared in the background and I just. Had a little fangirl moment.

He's gonna be on my background for a few weeks (if that's alright with u).


No problem! Background away. :D




Good times indeed!


OH sweet a upgraded version of Star Stealing Prince. Well graphics wise but are you going to put new quest lines in or achievements. Like say if you talk to all of the snowmen in your journey?


Well, there was an achievement to talking to the snowmen! You got mittens! :D But game achievements like the one you mean is in the plan (with a few more things than just snowmen)! As for new quests, not as much? There are a few changes for sure coming, but nothing that's completely different from the original game.