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In a kingdom covered in snow, in a kingdom where the snow never melts and never goes away, there lives a prince who keeps watch over his kingdom and resolves to maintain peace. When the prince learns that his family’s history isn’t as spotless as he had been told, he endeavors to fix what his family had done wrong and to ensure the continual peace of his kingdom. This will lead the prince to battling the phantoms that prowl the lands, to saving a princess, and to realizing the secrets of his family and his kingdom.

It is a story of magic, of whimsical childlike wonder, and of terror and dread. Star Stealing Prince is your typical RPG and has a distinct focus on exploring your surroundings thoroughly and unraveling the truths of Sabine. Not all is what it seems in this snowy kingdom.

Star Stealing Prince is a 9-10 hour RPG made with RPG Maker VX (and as such, only works on Windows. No Mac! I’m sorry!)  This was originally made back in 2011 and last updated in 2014. I have no further plans to update it anymore barring disaster. I've been asked to host it here, so here it is.

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Star Stealing Prince Wordpress

Linked above is an extensive Wordpress and has lots of information for new and old players alike including boss strategies, tutorials, etc. If you have questions, please check the guides before asking them as it is likely answered.


Star Stealing Prince Korean
Check out the Korean translation here!


There is a web novel sequel! Please find it compiled below.

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Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
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GenreRole Playing
TagsFantasy, Singleplayer


Star Stealing Prince 184 MB
Star Stealing Prince w/RTP 215 MB
Star Stealing Prince Text Walkthrough 804 kB
Star Stealing Prince 3.4 (Russian) w/RTP.rar 212 MB

Install instructions

There are two downloads, but you do not need both to play the game.

The first, named STAR STEALING PRINCE is the game without the RPG Maker VX RTP. It assumes you already have it installed and will run with no issue.

The second, named STAR STEALING PRINCE (w/RTP) is the game with the RTP included. While it makes the file size bigger, you don't have to worry about installing something else, especially if you don't know what an RTP is and don't want to deal with it.

Both downloads are .zip files instead of .exe files because when I made the game, it was too big for the compression included in the maker.

Also, remember to install the fonts available in the .zip package. Thank you and have fun!

I have also included for download the Text Walkthrough I had available on the now defunct StarCadets site. Though it doesn't have much in the way of pictures, it takes you through the game step-by-step as much as I could do.

Development log


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this game is so nostalgic to me i really would have loved to see the sequel to it not be a reading only thing on the page i loved the bad ending plus in a way the prince with the demon inside of him still gets back at everyone.


Just finished playing this game after I had checked out the remake demo a few days ago and I can say this was very enjoyable.  I definitely see the differences in this and the remake but they're both enjoyable experiences. glad i gave it a shot. 

I'm glad you gave it a shot too and enjoyed it! Thank you for playing! 


Amazing! This game deserves more attention. Just improve some little aspects for example the possibility to see the enemies's name.  I would like to see this game also on other platforms.

As the game is completed, I won't be delving into what I did 10 years ago to figure out how to adjust certain aspects. I am, however, recreating the game (https://earlronove.itch.io/star-stealing-prince-definitive) and hopefully will be able to release it on other platforms. The first task is finishing, however.

Perfect, I will wait until the second part is released, keep doing this good job!


One of my favourite games to this day. I originally played it back in 2014, and it was such a huge inspiration for me that eventually made me start my own projects! Highly recommended, I'm sure the story will resonate with many!


Just finished this game after getting it from the RPGMaker Free Games Bundle, and it's excellent. Any JRPG fan should try it; it's easily on par with the great 4th gen classics, while having a length that's appropriate to most people who played those back in the day, grew old and can't dive into 40h+ adventures so easily anymore.


I cannot express how much this game means to me, I just fell so in love with the characters and world. It's So good and I cannot recommend it enough! Absolutely play this game if you've thought about it.

and the sequels are genuinely amazing. I just wish the ending was a bit better, but I wouldn't make that a serious knock against it, I Still love it and its been at least 2 years since I finished everything up. And im Still obsessed. 


this game has stuck with me ever since i finished it a ling time ago. a year or so ago i replayed it, and was blown away by the scale of the game, how polished it was, and how amazing the story was. not long after, i read the sequels as well. this story is beautiful, and the characters are genuine and have such depth; absolute 10/10 game, i still think about it often.


i played this game years and years ago and its stuck with me since, it's the game i always come back to over and over again and everytime i fall in love again. the art, the story, the characters, the gameplay all of it comes together and forms my favourite game of all time.


A very polished and well made game, I remember it fondly. Good to have it here so it can attract a wider audience.


This game is pretty old, but I'm always reminded how much people have enjoyed it. I hope you, as a new player, enjoy it too. Also, I wanted to test putting a comment.