Devlog 17 - A little is better than nothing

August was supposed to be the month I got back into the groove of my game. That didn't quite happen (although I DID finish a more involved scene with lots of moving sprites and poses). This month has been a complete trash fire for me. My grandmother, to whom I was really close to and pretty much took care of me as a kid/teen etc., passed away suddenly at the beginning of the month. Then there was her funeral which took me away from all my stuff for a week. Then, when I got home, I came down with covid and I'm still not completely 100% yet. Between all that, bills relating to someone passing away etc., I just haven't been able to game make.

However, things are calming down a bit now! I'm going to try to focus this month to get this dungeon and its required illustrations done. All the maps are finished, I just need to make events and monsters, then balance a boss, and then pictures!

Sorry for the short update, but hopefully next time I'll have something fun to share! I'd like something fun at any rate! 

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Sorry to hear about your loss.  Best wishes, and hope things improve!


Oh no, my condolences, Ronove. Hang in there, take all teh time you need and i hope things get better from here on.

Here's hoping! I will definitely miss her. Thank you for replying!