Devlog 13 - Little at a time

The month started actually pretty okay! Then I got busy, so not all of what I wanted to get done got done, but I did manage to get a whole plethora of new monsters puts together! Since the place I'm working on is different than all the snow and gloom, these monsters are a little... zanier? That's a good word. Case in point, the reason I was so geeked to making the enemies of this area.

The squirrel playing the trumpet.

Astra's about tired of their playing!

They were my favorite design in the original and continue to be here. There is also a super special one! 👀 maybe when you play you'll be able to find it!

Another thing that got fixed was you can finally see the IP number! No more guessing how much it's filled, you can get a number and with that fix, I was able to put the MP and IP side by side like I originally wanted it! For some reason the gauges were doing something funky and backwards, so the numbers showed up way the hell off the bar. I don't fully get it, but hey! It works now! There have also been a small number of little issues also fixed, so I'm much happier with how things are working now than before!

If you want a little taste of what I started to work on this week, look below! It's very much in progress, but it's progress, right??

What a welcoming entrance!

Still a lot of work to be done (ignore any errors you might see in there I already see a few), but it's getting there! Thank you for all your support so far! Hopefully this month I'll get more done than I have planned! I won't be balancing as many projects at the very least soon!

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Very nice to see the trumpet squirrels in all their glory!

They are very good. Am a big fan of how they turned out! :D