Devlog 16 - A Small Break

The dreaded "I'm just going to take a small break" that kills projects! It won't happen with this one (but it has taken down previous of my projects). I've spent money on this project, however, and since I'm incredibly broke and hate wasting money, I'm not gonna let that go down the drain. Breaks are good though, especially when you've lost a lot of steam for whatever reason while working.

I took a break very early on in the project when I made Morning Star because my brain just desperately needed something else. And that's what I'm going through now especially since right now, there is a bunch of stuff like 10 illustrations (actually my Excel sheet says that's 21 images lol) to do for the scenes coming up that make me kinda freeze up. When I finished Morning Star, I was incredibly happy returning to Star Stealing Prince and I know it'll be the same this time.

So, I'm making a short game in a month for a jam and should be back to Star Stealing Prince in August!

As for what I did throughout June, I finished up all the maps in this area so the maps for the 3 dungeons in a trench coat are now finished. All that would be needed when I come back are the corresponding story cutscenes, the enemy sprites and balancing, boss balancing and animations, and then the illustrations. So I definitely have a lot on my plate and if you're an old SSP fan I'm sure you can make a very good guess what part I'm up to and why it needs so many illustrations with two illustrated scenes back to back.

Anyway, sorry for the bummer news, but I promise I will be back in August working hard on this!

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The original game is quite actually one of my favorite rpgs ever made, so I was excited to learn there even was a remake being worked on. Take all the time you need with it! In the mean time I'll just replay the original since it's so good lmao

Aww, thank you! 🥰 I'm glad you still enjoy the original a lot! It always makes me happy to hear. 


Take a break!  Rest and rejuvenate!


Totally agree with this--breaks are important and it's always good to take good care of yourself first and foremost. I hope you have fun & best of luck with the game jam too! 


Thank you so much! So far it's been a blast! :D