End of Jam!

Since the Jam is now officially over (8th place in people's choice isn't half bad!), I have updated the game to fix what bugs people found during the jam time frame!

This was the first time I seriously entered a jam, Yesterday the World Ended not withstanding. I learned a lot and I am really excited to take what I've learned into new projects! 

I know that Life Eternal was not the game for everyone, but when you make things and release them, you also have to understand that everyone will never be your target audience. It does no good to try and appease everyone. It's not to say those people who just don't like this kind of game (and they definitely liked to tell me, haha!) don't have good points to internalize, however, but it's always a fine balancing act knowing your vision and what people expect of it. Sometimes they run contradictory. Sometimes they're plain wrong.

I have appreciated all the feedback I've been given and I wanted to thank everyone who has played! A game I planned and wrote on a whim to test certain mechanics for another idea has become quite dear to me and I'm glad I got to share it with so many people.

Thank you again!


Life Eternal v1.03.rar 94 MB
Sep 04, 2022

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